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A pair of chinese statues usually placed at the entrance of a building to ward off evil spirits. One has its mouth open to suck the spirits in, the other has its mouth closed to trap them.
There were a pair of foo dogs sitting at the entrance of that chinese restaurant
by FinalPhoenix February 14, 2004
Much confused with out of synch, it means that two objects are not in synchronization or are opposing each other. Can be used as an insult if pointed at a single person, meaning "Out of touch with reality"
1. My speakers are out of phase.. i must have crossed the wires
2. Me and my ex-GF are so out of phase
3. Bill is SO out of phase
by FinalPhoenix September 24, 2003
A website that becomes unreachable after getting mass amounts of traffic by being mentioned somewhere else. Used much like Slashdotted except it refers to the news site Fark.com
My web server went down. Why? It was farked pretty heavily
by FinalPhoenix September 23, 2003

1. General, all encompassing description for the release of several of any kind of fart in rapid succession. Similar in form to the Machine Gun Fart, though each blast is it's own entity - not one large fart broken up by the rapid opening and closing of an anal seizure.

2. A stacked release of farts, controlled or uncontrollable.


Caused a farting fit, like a metronome; After all that greasy food, every push produced a fart.

Fit of farts, uncontrollable; The more I laughed, the more I farted. I just couldn't stop!
Person A: "What the hell's wrong with Sally? She was laughing, then she shit her pants, then she started laughing and crying, then kept shitting her pants, then the crazy woman just up and left!"

Person B: "I don't know man, she just had a farting fit!"

Person C: "I know, right! But now my couch smells like the floor of a peep show.."
by finalphoenix March 01, 2014
Noun. Pathology.

1. The condition of painful burning in between the butt cheeks caused by the mixture of fecal matter accidentally expelled during a previous farting fit and sweat pooling up between them over an extended period of time. Symptoms of localized pain elsewhere, such as the parts with the most weight or folding are also common. Almost exclusively happens while sitting in an uncomfortably hot environment.

2. An extreme advancement of Swamp Ass. Most fatal cases are preceded by an untreated shart.


A case of cab driver's ass; inevitable: If you don't stuff some paper between those cheeks, you're gonna get a case of cab driver's ass.


Truck Driver's Ass, Semi Booty, Fat Fan Syndrome
"It was a long trip.. I finally got the kids to Disney Land, but the air conditioner quit working ten minutes into the drive and when I got there I had a flaming case of the cab driver's ass. I was so miserable, I flipped Mickey Mouse off and told Donald Duck to put on some damn pants. Did you know the Epcot Center has a secret dungeon? Yeah, security took me there."
by finalphoenix March 01, 2014
An expression used to illustrate the point that a (usually) male is flamboyantly homosexual.
Bob: "I'm pretty sure Jeremy's flirting with my ol' lady.. I'm gonna go do something retarded that will land me in jail for a while."

Frank: "HAHAHAHAHA, you retard! He's not hitting on your sister!"

Bob: "Yeah he sure be is! Look at em! All havin' a good time, hoppin' around gigglin..' "

Frank: "Bob.. I don't know how to tell you this in a way you'll understand.. Considering you met Jeremy's 'room mate' that he's lived with the last ten years. You saw how immaculate the apartment he insists is called a 'flat' was. He wears Gucci and pays more for one hair cut than you paid for those hair plugs.. Jeremy's gay."

Bob: "Whuuuuu? I aint's not no never no how usta'could.. You mean he is just a happy individual?"

Frank: "He farts glitter. Bob. Out of his ass. And it's like a fabulous rainbow of skittles."

Bob: "Oh, one of them thar types! So that's why he always smells so good and all the girls say he dresses more better than me!"
by finalphoenix March 11, 2014
1. Used in online RPG's and other games as a measure of a character's power.
2. Can be used by the person playing a character in a game, meaning "level up"
1. Dang.. I still need 5 more levels before I can do anything useful

2. After I level my guy, i'm quitting for the night
by FinalPhoenix September 23, 2003

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