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A genetically-enhanced clone trained to assassinate targets, the agent's name is derived from the last two digits of his assigned bar-code which is tattooed on the back of his head, reading 640509-040147

The corporation that supply his 'targets' is called the ICA, which is an acronym for International Contract Agency. According to the storyline of the video-games and the film, he is of British descent and can speak French, English and Russian fluently. He is frequently depicted in his usual attire of an Italian black suit, black leather gloves, white striped dress shirt and red tie. 47 is an introverted character who almost always speaks in a calm, formal manner in his natural setting.

Agent 47 is an anti-hero. His profession makes him perform deeds that can be considered immoral by most standards.

While not quite superhuman, 47's physical capabilities are at the peak of human performance. He is resilient enough to shrug off numerous gunshot wounds and continue moving for long periods, and can survive falls from multi-story buildings without apparent injury. 47 is strong enough to shatter concrete, quick enough to dodge bullets at close range, and his stamina is such that he can sprint great distances without tiring. Thanks to his training and genetic augmentation, 47 is proficient with all types of firearms, and has nearly perfect accuracy.
Agent 47 is the best hitman ever engineered.
by FinalAgony October 10, 2009

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