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Fuck the first definition. A breast boner is when your nipples get hard.
It was so cold, I got a breast boner.
1. The end result of having anal sex, where when the dick withdraws from the asshole, It is covered in diarhea that resembles chili.
I'm never fucking another ass in my life. I got chili dicked by some bitch who don't know how to wipe her ass
by FilthyMexicanJesusMan aka FMJM April 25, 2009
A person that has a sexual fettish for fish and aquatic life.

The word comes from the movie Finding Nemo and Philiac which means to love.

Did you just jack off into the fish tank? what are you, some sort of Nemophiliac?

You know I'm not allowed at Seaworld anymore, not after they found out I was a Nemophiliac
by FilthyMexicanJesusMan aka FMJM April 23, 2009
It comes from the words scrotum and protocol.

1. A set of regulations or procedures that a man has regarding his testicles.

2. The list of do's and don'ts concerning the testicular region.
If you're gonna suck my dick, you have to stroke my balls. It's my standard scrotocol.

You don't kick another man in the nuts unless you're a pussy. That is simple scrotocol.
by FilthyMexicanJesusMan aka FMJM April 25, 2009
1. A man who prematurely ejaculates 10 out of 10 times.

2. A man who's dick is incapable of holding in his baby liquid.
Hey doctor, I've got a problem. I could get it up, I just can't hold it in. I'm a total liquid dick.
by FilthyMexicanJesusMan aka FMJM April 24, 2009
1. A peson who has a sexual fettish for vomit.

2. People who get turned on by vomiting on each other.

3. A man who uses vomit as lubricant to jack off

4. Any situation where vomit is used as an aid to any sort of sexual activity.
I got done watching some sick ass Japanese Porn. the bitches were total vomosexuals.

I wonder if it's possible to be both bullimic and a vomosexual. It would be a perfect combination.
by FilthyMexicanJesusMan aka FMJM April 23, 2009
It comes from the words coon and boondocks.

1. An either extremely rural or ghetto area that is mostly populated by coons

2. A place where white people are not welcomed because of the rediculous amount of niggers

3. The projects and/or the hood. What people other than coons refer such as.
Man, there's nothing but liquir stores and pawn shops. We must be near the coondocks.

No way I'm going there. My lilly white ass ain't welcome, that's the fucking coondocks

Show some class. Only niggers refer to it as the hood, we supremicist call it the coondocks.
by FilthyMexicanJesusMan aka FMJM April 20, 2009

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