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would it be possible to partake in a session of lustful, sweat filled passion that would involve penis thrusting within your vaginal orifice?
Chad: hollahollaholla
Charlene: why, yes *spreads legs*
by Filthy December 01, 2004
a. The return, of skin, to it's normal state after being partially wrinkled by water or liquid based substance.

I spent two hours in the shower, but after drying off and using that lovely aloe and vitamin e lotion from The Body Shop™, my skin trunes beautifully.
by Filthy December 01, 2004
Shut it! Shut ya mouth!
CEO: The server is down, when is it going to be up again?
MIS: Shi-shi, oh well 2 tears in the bucket. Shay-Shay
by Filthy December 31, 2002
1. The act of perusing and/or drooling over many men and then purchasing them without the intention of multiple uses.

2. Having multiple mens and continue to search and contract more.
Yo, you SEENT Quadreesha?!
She was all up on Malik and then she was over at Juan's shack but the night before she had been at Riverton's pad.
oh, and she be sluttin' it up, too.
yo, women be shopping!
by Filthy December 01, 2004
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