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A female with an extraordinarily large appetite for 'beef-bayonet'.

A female who works her way through a large group of predatory males, who all remain oblivious to the fact until it is too late.
"dude, no, that bitch is a COCKZILLA!"
by Figure Number Five June 28, 2005
Word used to describe utterly detestable and braindead peasant underclass. These are the slutty, often chav bitches at parties who you wish to kill slowly. However, despite appearances, there is a reason for their existence. Their sluttish antics (such as false lesbianism) distract the male equivalent of plankon, thus reducing 'competition' for the more discerning male.

Plankton are simultaneously a disease and a cure.
"This place is full of plankton"

"Yeah, lets go"
by Figure Number Five June 30, 2005
The ratio of males to females at a social gathering. An unfavourable ratio inevitably leads to the dreaded sausage fest
Can be shortened to 'W.R' or 'Ratio'
(From a male perspective)

Favourable W.R: More females than males

Unfavourable W.R: More males than females.
by Figure Number Five June 30, 2005
Rhyming slang for cat.
Derived from the name 'Yasser Arafat', as the ending of the surname rhymes with cat.
An example of rhyming slang so bad, it is good.
"Oi, bitch, the YASSER is hungry, give it some meat..."
by Figure Number Five July 05, 2005
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