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Person with the most beautifulest eyes. They tend to range from light blue to partly green. Once a person looks into them they can't stop. The most wonderful person in the world kind to friends and nice to everyone. The person you want in your world to keep as your own, but only persons world were you can't have a permanent home. Even though you are a frequent visitor. The person you look for assurance. The only person you can stay up all night talking about fish and just making faces with. The person you long to hold in your arms but will never be able to. The person that makes you world stay in orbit. The person with eyes of calming fire!
1.person 1 hey did you see Corina?
fighter were?
person 1 in the sky!
Fighter really!(looks with enthusiasm)

2. you have the eyes of a Corina

3. Those eyes...
by Fighterzero June 15, 2009

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