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A religion, Noel Fielding is God.

We worship all that is Noel Fielding, including his heavenly 8 inches, his Mod powers, and his oh-so amazing hair.
We watch the Mighty Boosh, fall in love with Richmond, and watch Sweet EVERYDAY.
We pray that ‘Goth Detectives’ becomes a show and we car dance.
We wear Mirrorball suits and ponchos to bed.


Worshippers are known as 'Fielders'.

A connecting religion is the religion of the Boosh, worshippers of the Boosh are known as Booshies. On Tumblr, Booshies are collectively known as Booshlrs.
Oh my Noel

Praise be Noel

Oh yeah, my religion in Fieldingism.
#noel fielding #is god #fielders #fieldingism #boosh
by Fieldingismisareligion October 26, 2010
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