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Originally used to describe the pallor which developed amongst inveterate D&D players, it widened to include denizens of any stripe who resided in the basement of their parents. Most recently it is used to describe the complexion of any video game addict.
1978: His dungeon tan is proof enough that he is an indestructible wizard.
1998: "Yo, ghost boy ! Nice dungeon tan. I see that you gave up POGs for Magic Cards !"
2008: PlayStation and Xbox gave him the dungeon tan. But at least Wii gives him some muscle tone.
by FichenDich December 05, 2010
A sexual experience so mind-shatteringly good that it wholly transcends the physical and is elevated to the spiritual.
Good sex is when someone orgasms; great sex is when both partners do. But godsex is recalled wistfully six decades after the fact as the greatest sexual experience of a lifetime. Godsex frequently results in unconsciousness, pulled muscles, and/or foolhardy marriage proposals.
by FichenDich October 01, 2010
A female convinced so wholeheartedly of her plainness or undesirability that she goes through life with the conviction that no one would ever deign to even so much as have a casual relationship with her. This belief is belied as wrong as evinced by her appearance.
Georgie Girl, America Ferrera as Betty Suarez in the television program Ugly Betty.
by FichenDich September 11, 2010
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