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An exclamation used to indicate emphasis.
I'm tired like woah, I think I'm going to bed now.
by Fibby September 12, 2004
Queetard is the merging of two words: queen and retard. It means queen of the retards.
Lauren Gettier is THE Queetard.
by Fibby June 09, 2004
Another way of saying, "Sure!" or "I'm up for it". Used by people who think they're cool, chill or otherwise interesting or dilusioned.
"Dude do you want to go to the mall?"
"I'm game."
by Fibby April 25, 2004
This is an acronym for Anyone But Bush. It is the mindset of many americans who are fed up with Dubya's lies.

This may or may not mean Senator Kerry, but it probably doesn't mean Ralph Nader, either.

People who are voting ABB should learn about the candidates before pointing fingers.
Even though I am voting for Kerry, I do not at all support ABB voters who are ignorant of the policies of both candidates.
by Fibby September 12, 2004
The insinuation that something is chill, or otherwise entertaining or freak worthy.

Used primarily by upperclassmen highschool students and college students who wish they were back in highschool.
When I walked by that hot guy, I thought to myself, "He totally rocks my socks."
by Fibby September 12, 2004
A holiday developed in the 1960s in responce to the black freedom movement. It was meant to instill pride in the black communities found throughout the world. It is not as widly celebrated as the media makes it up to be, due to it's placement right after Christmas. This holiday has no religious foundation. Kwanzaa it's self means "first fruits" in Swahili.
Kwanzaa is a time of gathering, and involves seven principals, each having their own day dedicated to their reflection.
by Fibby December 19, 2003

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