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Very sexy, often neotenic, usually Japanese (but can be any asian) girl. Typically dressed in miniskirts and high heels, normally seen in pictures giving the "peace" or "v" sign with their fingers.

You want to fuck them over a weekend, and then move on.
I took this j-girl to the city and did her doggy all weekend long.
by Fez Monkey August 03, 2005
Angry, agitated, upset, totally pissed off. Derived from the phrase "Getting your Beak out of joint."
Dude, the wad was totally Beaked when you kicked him in the nutsack!
by Fez Monkey July 20, 2005
Slang for a woman's exterior sexual organs, derived from the pungent and often eye-watering aroma emitted from the gash. Also known as cooze, minge, muff, nappy dugout, pussy, vagina.
Stan: Did you see that skanky stripper out there?
Dan: The one with the really nasty onion?
by Fez Monkey August 02, 2005
Piece of crap, garbage, useless, worthless. Derived from a horrible American built car, only driven by blue hairs and ignorant ass crackers and mullets who think they are cool.
Dude, that new album by Metallica is Buick!
by Fez Monkey July 20, 2005
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