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Julian is the kind of man who loves to go to church and loves the martial arts. He constantly gets it up the butt from his priest and his girlfriend Erik (check that definition). He is always studying, yet he gets shitty grades. He never hangs with friends, and instead studies/does yoga/martial arts, and worst of all:

sits at the computer researching, and believes everything he reads.

Overall, he's fucking retarted.
Hey Julian, would you like to come over and play some video games?
No thank you, but thanks SO much for the amazing offer! I have to go home and study for my test. Even though it's 1 month away, I want to start studying NOW!
Alright fag, see ya.
I'd like to re-thank you for this great offer! I hope we can make something up in the following weeks when I don't get it up the butt.
by Feriscool October 31, 2010

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