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Short for "Hebrew." Used as loving, respectful term meaning: "Jewish soul brother."
That penny-pinching Heb never picks up the check! But his wife puts the "she" in Yeshiva! OY!
by Fergus McCool September 05, 2003
Verb: to fight
But are you squablin' though? Usually uttered as two pseudo-toughs urge the other to start hitting when both are too afraid to begin in the first place.
by Fergus McCool September 04, 2003
(noun) - term of affection ascribed to annoying, but loved ones.
I made your salad, chick-pidge!
by Fergus McCool September 11, 2003
Alias or nickname for person named Scott
Hey, Bigstupidummy! Get off the computer!
by Fergus McCool September 16, 2003
To stall your manual transmission auto.
You totally clunked it, you uncoordinated, illegitimate spawn of caucasian feces.
by Fergus McCool September 05, 2003
Oxymoronic pair of words, as all Chinese people are supra-geniuses who can build transistor radios with naught more than a toothpick and lemon rind.
That stupid Chink makes an excellent shui mai and cha shu bao, yo! I don't know how he got the shui mai to tune in Howard Stern, this morning!
by Fergus McCool September 05, 2003

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