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Part of the phrase, "the last nail in the coffin" or "another nail in the coffin". Equivalent to "the last straw". A very old phrase.
He cheated on her again? That's got be the last nail in the coffin.

The 9/11 attacks were another nail in the Ansett coffin; it was now inevitable that the airline would collapse.
by Fenn July 11, 2006
In Australia, people say this in imitation of redneck politician Pauline Hanson. Say it in a disapproving, nasal voice whenever somebody disses something they know nothing about.
"Ms Hanson, what do you think about Stephen Hawking's new theories about the properties of light?"
"I dont like it!"
by Fenn July 11, 2006
Large false tips on car exhaust pipes. Usually a derogatory term.

In Australia, the chocolate drink Milo comes in large tins present in practically every kitchen in the country.
Check out the milo cans on that bomb.
by Fenn July 11, 2006
An Ancient Greek Philosopher
I completed an essay last semester discussing the duality of the moral nature of politicians in Classical Athens as hypothesised by Hypocrates.
by Fenn July 11, 2006
n. An old car, or one in especially poor condition. Very widely used in Australia and commonly associated with Geminis, Toranas, Commodores, Falcons, Valiants and Kingswoods.
"Better move the ol' bomb off the front lawn before Mum gets home."
"That's not a bomb, young man, that Torana is a Classic."
by Fenn July 11, 2006
One of the classic MacDonalds desserts. Consists of a pile of soft serve topped with hot caramel sauce, served in an elegant plastic container. Best consumed immediately, before the Hot Caramel Sauce becomes Hard Caramel Sauce, with one of those funny little sticks you stir your coffee with.
"I'll have three Big Macs, two large fries, one vanilla thickshake and fourteen Hot Caramel Sundaes, thanks."
"Would you like Coke or a Hot Apple Pie with that?"
by Fenn July 11, 2006
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