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one that wholly encompasses the art of being a douchebag.

one that is so well versed in being a douchebag that he must not have only received formal training from a tenured douchebag, but he is fully qualified to pass on his douchebaggery to those qualified candidates such as the dude with massive crunchy hair product and a rhinestone skull buckle rolling into the club 5 guys deep trying to recruit hot chicks from the line to get in.
douchebag: "yo, check out my mystic, bra" (flexes man boobs one at a time in a rhythmic douchebag dance)

non douchebag: "lose the ed hardy v-neck, find a woven, unbutton no more than two, & kill the sparkle buckle. dude your douchebaggery meter is blowin' up! take it down a notch"
by Fenix Rizing February 16, 2010

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