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Personal, yours and yours only, exclusive. Just for you. Private.
I need a persee bag of weed to smoke.
I'm gonna make 'ol girl my persee.
by Felone April 23, 2008
a sucker, punk, wuss, or chump.
You're not that tough, you're just a suckapaul.
Gone somewhere wit your suckapaul ass.
by Felone April 23, 2008
Pronounciation of the acronym P.G.F., meaning "pussy get fucked".
You better pay me that money you owe me and quit playing paguff.
by Felone April 23, 2008
Usually spelled "doinmyduzmy".
Meaning I'm doing my own thing. I'm doing me.
Also said,"domyduzmy"
Don't worry 'bout me, I'm doin-my-duz-my.
I'm gonna domyduzmy no matter what.
by Felone April 23, 2008
Suspect. Not believable. Questionable.
That story that he told about meeting Jay-Z was sussy.
by Felone April 23, 2008

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