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2 definitions by FellFromTheNest

(n) a person with no regard for other peoples' feelings; the epidemy of a jerk; a prick; a completely self-centered individual; someone who isn't concerned with how their actions affect other people.

(n) The entrance to one's rectum; an exit-only orifice.
That guy was a real asshole. He shouldn't talk to you like that.

He kicked me right in the asshole!!!
by FellFromTheNest June 21, 2008
(n) The perfect moron; a person with extreme flaws that lacks the mental ability to correct them; the extreme of an imbecile.
Perhaps, if you were not a flaming douche bag, we could continue this conversation.

Kicking that old lady was a pretty douchey thing to do, man.
by FellFromTheNest July 10, 2008