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The way a cat measures up a piece of territory before he sprays it with his signature musk.
Morris fixed his feline gaze on the new boyfriend, and thought to himself:
"as soon as they're asleep, I'm gonna spray his jeans and leather jacket. They look expensive and delightfully fedorable!"
by Felix the territorial cat February 16, 2008
The gaze used in the LOR trilogy to denote a solemn moment, because we couldn't tell from the very subtle soundtrack.
Stephen fixed his Lord of the Rings stare on Justine, as if to tell her he wasn't joking. She never told him that this idiotic maneuver was the reason she broke up with him.
by Felix the territorial cat February 16, 2008
1)The ability to give oneself a blowjob, much as the LOR character must have been able to.
2)Led the Indian subcontinant in rebellion against the British empire by use of non-violent civil disobedience
3)Lord of the Jungle
4)The result of sneezing on your windshield.
5)A nagging feeling that somebody is stalking you in their underwear. Or someone else's underwear, that's not really the issue, is it?
6)The secretion from the tip of the penis.
1)Frodo knew the ring was affecting him when he realized he didn't need Sam to blow him anymore. He could give himself a Smeagol.
2)Smeagol was assasinated within a year of gaining independance for the people of India.
3)Jane was strangely drawn to Smeagol, and would throw him fish in order to get him to blow himself. This aroused her and nauseated her at the same time.
4)The police officer pulled the car over, because of a high density of smeagol obstructing the driver's view. Who knew, it was David Hasselhof! The officer squeegeed a souvenir and let the singer/actor go on his way with a warning.
5)The naked cowboy was following me around Times Square the other day. WTF?
6)The hobbits understood from Gandolf that circumsision would rid them of any more problems from Smeagol.
by Felix the territorial cat February 16, 2008

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