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3 definitions by Feezley

While having sexual intercourse grab your partners hips and slide her top half of the bed at a angle then pull out ejaculating down her stomic (if your girl is the right size the stream of semen will flow down her stomic and end up between her tits looking like a water slide)
I wouldnt kiss her stomic after i gave her that aztec water slide
by Feezley February 05, 2010
While having sexual intercourse pull out unexpectedly and push your parter off the bed (to the floor) and ejaculate down on them(this will give them the sensation of fallin under a waterfall)
Pam sure was upset about getting hurt when i gave her an aztec water fall.
by Feezley February 05, 2010
While fuckin a girl doggy style pull out and jump onto the girls back (like a Pony) cumming in her hair while singing "stuck a feature in her hat and called it maccironi" (take time to notice the hair if done correctly it will look like maccironi)
She had to go home and wash her hair after i gave her a good ole Yankee Doodle
by Feezley February 05, 2010