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The extremely talented guitarist from Pink Floyd, who is often overlooked despite his awesome playing. Some of his best works can be heard in the songs "Comfortably Numb", "Shine On You Crazy Diamond", "Dogs", and "Echoes". His style of playing isn't as fast as some of the other guitar greats but he is one of the most passionate players, as can be seen at live concerts.
David Gilmour's guitar solo in "Dogs" is awesome.
by FedupFrueman June 02, 2005
A way of expressing extreme suprise.
OMGORZLES dat chick is hawt!!!11
by FedupFrueman April 11, 2005
Slang nickname for a flamingly homosexual male, one that also happens to enjoy foopalooting.
Ugly Pete went out last night for some gay sex and foopalooting.
by FedupFrueman April 23, 2005

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