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British slang for an overweight person. This can also be used when describing a swell to the face. Is often used as an insult. Most probably derives from the puffer fish 'Bloat' from finding nemo. Then again, probably not.
Man- Dude, look at him - he's piled on the pounds.
Man- Yeah, what a bloaterface.

Woman1- I ate some shellfish and now I have a bloaterface.
Woman2- You had a bloaterface anyway you fat cow.
by Faye S May 24, 2007
Cheeky way of saying 'Cunt' - originated from the UK.
Can be shortened to Carol.
There are 230 unfortunate facebookers with this name.
A truly wonderful, subtle expletive.
'Oh my god, Ben is such a cunt'
'Yeah, a complete Carol Hunt'

'I'm gonna kick you in the Carol Hunt'
by Faye S March 30, 2009
Originally taken from Alice in Wonderland. English term for a woman being on her period. (On the rag, surfing the crimson wave)
'Sorry baby, you're not getting any tonight. I'm painting the roses red.'
by Faye S January 10, 2010

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