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The act of waking up of a morning and partaking of the chronic by means of a bong without leaving the comfort of one's bed. Made possible by possession of a serving wench/lad to present baking instuments and narcotics on a silver tray or, failing this convenience, the forethought to leave apparatus within reach of the squalid heap where one collapsed in a munted stupor the previous evening.
"Martibald, I believe I shall Wake-and-Bake this good morning"
"Exemplary idea, Frederico. By the by, why are we in bed together?"
by Faulkling July 31, 2006
The act and decision-making process of ordering a Chinese (and to a lesser extent less monosodium glutamate laden) take-away while baked (stoned). Motivated by inability to cook and a lack of ready consumables, those initiating a bake-away must overcome several major hurdles:

1)Finding a menu while munted
2)Deciding on a finite (as opposed to infinite) number of foodstuffs.
3)Gathering together keys and cash to facilitate transaction
4)Maintaining both by telephone and face-to-face with delivery person, despite awareness that your reality is not that of the world

The bake-away process usually takes one to two hours from start to finish. Spoils are normally eaten out of container resting on nearest available surface or floor.
A summer's day. Two gentlemen and a lady are reclining in the sun's rays. The lady pick up the receiver.
Lady: Mexican accent. "I would like to order a Chinese bake-away ... no, take-away". Giggles. "A baker's dozen of your finest ribs..."
by Faulkling July 31, 2006
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