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The EYE of IG is a sacred stone of great power.
It gives the wearer, Ig, Powers of healing, or great pain.
Worn about the neck.
Behold the mighty EYE of IG, it brings cushyness to our feeps.
by Father L. Church of Ig June 09, 2006
A small but devout group of adherants to a belief in the Mighty Soop Vulture IG.
Located in the UK, Western US, and sometimes in Japan.
Oh mighty IG we pray to thee, in your massive Church of Ig, bless our miserable lives and protect our twigs from harm. AMEN
by Father L. Church of Ig June 09, 2006
The vile and somewhat reptilian Aunt of the Mighty IG
She lives in the Farmont Banff Springs Hotel.
Seldom seen, Disgustingly rich.
IGA was once seen peering from her window and the masses below, she is a nasty & mean old hag.
by Father L. Church of Ig June 09, 2006
Ig is the great Vulture with cushy feet who watches over us all and protects us in his mighty wings.
There is but One Ig, his mighty beek smites those who would blaspheme. His Beady Eyes, can give a pericing look that will turn even the stong to mere wimpering blobs of misery. Ig is the holder and caretaker of the EYE of Ig, a stone of great power worn about his neck. See also Church of Ig
Oh Mighty Ig forgive us our missteps and hold us in your mighty wings. AMEN
by Father L. Church of Ig June 09, 2006
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