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A term often used to describe an intoxicated man playing Dungeons & Dragons on a Saturday night.
-GodSlayerKing152-: Dood i Totally Pwned That Dragon
-RedWartQueen43-: No Way?! That's Impossible??!!!
-GodSlayerKing152-: Yeah Im Now A lvl 48 Mage Biatch!1!
-FatTwinkieBoy- Laza Pem Pem!!!!!11!!!!!
-FatTwinkieBoy- Lazer*
-FatTwinkieBoy- Lazor*
-FatTwinkieBoy- Phewm*... Bitches.
-GodSlayerKing152-: WTF
by FatTwinkieBoy January 31, 2010

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