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known in the game of GOlF: a

"Boggie" is a number of putts

a Boggie is also know on the streets as a ciggerette


Boggie bust down:
The ammount of times you bust on a girl and after you lose your dignity you come back with more but always end up coming out with less just like a bust down on a stoggy.
I had sex about 10 times today and evey time my girl asked for a bust down on my boggie when we finished. She really must be fiending for nicotine. 444444444444 Boggie bust down
by FatFLOwMAtic rapper btw July 11, 2009
When your fucking the shit out of a girl, and shes screaming all sorts of things that are turning you on. you fuck her to sleep as fast as you can.
i was pipein out my plumber after she drained my pipes with the jake the snake tool, i brought her 2 my room and fucked her till she screamed " stop stop, i mean im blonde dont worry keep fucking me" i fucked her 2 sleep. Or it could of been the xanex i sliped in her drink, a slutty lylabye
by FatFLOwMAtic rapper btw July 11, 2009
After doing "Drugs" such as xanex (loss of memory) or extasy ( HARD body hullusination). You make the girl give u a soaking wet blowjob and you make her scream for the cream filling. Hehe
I went out to the club and took 6 hits of extasy, while dancing i seen a girl poppin xanex that animal, she told me of a story of a hard pinocio and for the first time in my life thought i fell in love, so i brought her back 2 my place and introduced her 2 the pills berry blowjob, she hasnt stoped screaming since. and me im still trippin balls
by FatFLOwMAtic rapper btw July 11, 2009
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