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Zexion of Organization XIII before he got fucked up by da Heartless and turned into a Nobody.
Ienzo is the youngest of 6 apprentinces under this motherfucker called "Ansem" (Not that Xehanort dick), and studied the workings of the heart or some shit like that.
Anywayz, that's why he done got fucked along with Xehanort (Xemnas), Braig (That old surfer fucker Xigbar), Dilan (Xaldin, that dude with da sideburns.), Even (Vexen, that bisexual scientist bitch.), and Eleaus (Lexaeus, that huge mother fucker with the axe.)
Ienzo, the youngest of 6 apprentinces, got fucked up and turned into Zexion.
#kingdom hearts ii #kingdom hearts: chain of memories #organization xiii #zexion #ansem
by FatBaxtard July 13, 2006
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