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well, a poser is someone who says that they are a punk because they have a cky cd and a ramones shirt, and dont even like the cd, and have never heard a song by the ramones,clash, sex pistols, or real punk music. most have liberty spiked hair or a "fohawk", and listen to Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, and Avril Lavinge, or songs about relationships(and ending them, and how bad it hurts)
dude, im such a punk!!! i got the Good Charlotte Dvd and a sex pistols shirt. dude, im so fuckin cool
by Fat-ass punk January 01, 2005
a posers mohawk, it is spiked in the middle on the top of the head. instead of shaving the sides and leaving a 2-3 inch strip in the middle(even in the back) they have hair al over the head, mostly on top, all the hair on top is pulled towards the middlel it looks like shit.
The fag from Good Charlotte has a fohawk. ha ha ha
by Fat-ass punk January 01, 2005
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