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A large pubic bush on a woman. So big it makes her panties appear to rise, like Jiffy Pop Popcorn.
I thought she was fine till I saw that Jiffy Pop in her drawers.
by Fat Nik April 22, 2003
A woman with a large unruly pubic hair patch.
Damn the bitch needs to shave that pussy, she's got jungle muff in her panties.
by Fat Nik April 22, 2003
A woman whose pubic hair is large and unkept. A big bush.
I was gonna go down on Lucy last night 'till I discovered she had the retro muff going on..
by Fat Nik April 22, 2003
A poseur punk rocker who dresses like he should be on a poster. Usually sporting a black leather jacket with an obscure band on it. Mohawk, bondage pants and lots of spikes. Usually range from 16-25 years of age.
That show last night was packed with Poster Punks.
by Fat Nik April 24, 2003
Person who doesn't tip. Taken from Steve Buscemis Resavoir Dogs character, Mr. Pink.
What an asshole that guy ordered 2 rounds of drinks, and then he pinked me.
by Fat Nik April 24, 2003
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