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A person stopped at a red light that slowly creeps forward little by little until he/she is over the line. The Creeper in an incredibly impatient person that believes they have super powers and can make the light change colors by will alone. The strange part of the creeper is that when the light does turn green they are slow to accelerate. Some believe that using their powers have drained them slowing their response time, further study is needed.
"Look at The Creeper drifting into the intersection"
by Fat Diction August 09, 2010
acquired immune (or immuno-)deficiency syndrome: a condition, caused by a virus, in which certain white blood cells (lymphocytes) are destroyed, resulting in loss of the body's ability to protect itself against disease. Merm-Aids is transmitted by sexual intercourse, through infected blood and blood products, and through the placenta. Gay Mermen are at high risk of contracting Merm-Aids. The first known case of Merm-Aids was documented in 2005 when Ray William Johnson stuck his dick in a Blowfish. We'll miss you hootie
Don't touch Ray William Johnson, he has Merm-aids. Maybe Elton John will write a song about it.
by Fat Diction August 21, 2012

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