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John Shedletsky, also known as "Telamon", is the Creative Director of the allegedly "free" MMOG known as Roblox. He is generally either heavily worshiped or shunned by the community, and is infamous on Roblox for "Blame John", his unhealthy obsession with fried chicken and the fact that he acknowledges that he is a "Liar, Scoundrel and Thief".

Shedletsky has generally gained more hate than praise over the course of 2009 and onwards, considering his known greed for money by creating insanely expensive hats, more Builders Club Payment Packages, more Builders Club features and theoretically trying to suck wallets dry, and the fact that he tries to look as if he is professional, though seems like a common fool as seen in some threads, ie. his reply to the thread regarding "SFOTHIV being BC-Only".
Telamon's Comment regarding SFOTHIV being BC only:

1. I can ban Exploiters and get their main account.
2. I was curious how many tickets it would make (answer: a ton)
3. I was interested in whether there would be fewer noobs in-game (maybe)
4. It's my game and I'll do what I want.
5. Trololollollll.
by FasdYourSeatbelts November 09, 2012

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