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this is the safe for work term to be used for "Hand job." The number 8 represents the letter "H" because it is the 8th letter in the alphabet and then "J" represent the word "Job" Put the two together and you have hand job. Many use this term to safely talk about sexual favors in public.
I was in the restroom when this chick came in and gave me the best 8J of my life.
by Fantastic-D April 12, 2011
Palm Meet Forehead- to show the person(s) around you that you know they are doing either the blatantly obvious or that they are the dumber than a box of rocks. PMF is often accompanied by the "doh" sound upon striking the palm on the forehead.
In an obvious situation; My friend stuck his hand in boiling water and said it was, "Hot." The proper response would to PMF

In a dumb situation; My friend got drunk and thought that he was falling off the face of the earth. Show your feelings by PMF
by Fantastic-D April 12, 2011

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