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It is not uncommon for the person you met the first time to say to you that 'you have accent.' It refers to your way of pronounciation, which may be Southern, Northern, or Foreign accent. In this case, it is a mere refererce to your state or country of origin; nothing more.

But when a person you've known for years, or a co-worker you worked with for months; or in some cases, a person you met first time, all of a sudden, says to you: "You have accent!" "I don't understand your accent!" In this case, it is a direct reference to your identity. And it may mean one or all of the following:

1. 'You are not one of us!'
2. 'Remember you're a foreigner.'
3. 'How on earth you dare to tell me this.' (Although he/she clearly understands that what you said was right/true).
4. "I would rather prefer to hear it from someone else."
You are a Pharmacy Tech and Albert came to the window:
You: "What can I help you?"
Albert: "I want Sudafed."
You: "May I see your ID please?"
Albert: "Why do you need ID. It's just a Sudafed!"
You: "It is the State Law."
Albert: "I don't understand what you are saying."
You: "I said the State requires ID in order to buy a Sudafed."
Albert: "You have accent!" "I don't know what you're talking about." And he walked away.
#foreigner #different #unequal #immigrant #alien #not you
by Fankfrank March 14, 2013
“Maname is a name given to girls (Manamo is for boys). It is a way to telling a child that he/she is born into a caring family & relatives, he/she is surrounded with such a people. So, fear not for you've caring people around you. The second meaning applies to parents. Parents name their child 'Maname' to convey a message that they no longer feel lonely now as they have their own child; that the birth of a child had brought one more blessing to the family.

It comes from Kambatta word 'Mana,' which means people. By naming their child 'Maname' or 'Manamo', parents are saying that their horizon has widened, literally or figuratively. It is their way of manifesting their joy to the world at large.
#blessed #cared #desserted #lonely #sterile #many #single #community #family
by Fankfrank March 09, 2013
Penis resort 1. is a means of resolving issues/problems that occurred beteween opposite sexes by having sex with that person.

2. refers to using sex as a means of re-starting stalled conversation.

3. refers to resuming normal relationship (after having sex) without discussing the underlying issues which caused lack of communication or misunderstandign in the first place.
Your Friend: "How is it going with your girl-friend? I haven't seen you guys together for the last few days?"
You: "All of a sudden she was upset for reasons unknown to me. And she is not talking to me."

Your friend: "Then what are you going to do about it?"
You: " I tried all I can to get her attention except for penis resort."
The next day:
Your Friend: "Did you talk to her?"
You: "Thanks to penis resort, things are back to normal."
Your Friend: "That is wonderful."
You: "Penis resort is a great normalizer, a silent peace maker."
#normalizer #temporary fix #last resort #peace maker #nature gift #restarter.
by Fankfrank April 11, 2013
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