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1 definition by FancyPants2009

G. Q. is acronym meaning Gentlemen’s Quarterly, which is a magazine that gives tips about men’s lifestyle. The term G. Q. refers to a man that resembles the ideal male Gentlemen’s Quarterly tries to portray. This is typically a well dressed and well mannered gentleman, who get's a lot of women because he is such a gentleman.
-Max: Did you see the way Mary was eating right out of John's hand? He did so many gentlemanly things that night, from getting a chair for her, to putting his coat down on a puddle so she wouldn't have to step in the water.
-Alex: Man what a G. Q., I would never do that for my girl.
-Max: What girl? And you wonder why you are single.
by FancyPants2009 November 26, 2009