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God Damn It! ,For Fuck Sake.
Swedish people mainly teens and old folk say Fy Fan an awful lot basically it means for fuck sake and they say it alot when a sport team is suckin bad they will scream it and shout louding so usually the night ends with a fight.Teens seem to say it alot on social networking sites such as Bilddagboken (bdb) they will say Fy Fan what a wicked day ^^ And your left thinking uhm that dosent make sence ?? But they use it all the time like i got a new dog and we took it to my mums friends and her sons friend turned around and said "Fy fan the dog is sooo cute!" what is the point in saying it ??
Does it make them feel cool (sick) ??
Please someone explain this to me im so confused i recently moved to sweden and just dont understand also WHY OH WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT THE LABEL `FJORTIS`!?
by FanFul-EnglishEmoKidd April 01, 2009

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