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1. Steak-like. In reference to Steak.
2. Generally a positive comment of approval or recognition.
Steaky is derived from the word steak. Steak being a tasty peice of meat of high quality. Things that are steaky thus possess steak-like qualities without actually having any implied reference to the meat.
A: I just aced the test!
B: Steaky!

A: A love this band, their music is so steaky.
B: Their steakiness is unmatched.
by Famous James Splinter January 03, 2006
1. An exclamation denoting you are impressed or that you approve.
2. The sound said when shot by a laser.

1. Meaning cool, neat-o. See steaky, cool
A: Yowza! That's a nice laser gun you got there! YOWZA!!!!! You just shot me!?!?!
B: Ooops . . .
C: And I actually thought you were yowza.
by Famous James Splinter January 06, 2006

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