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2 definitions by Fallenangel2126

1)adj. someone who takes pleasure in the pain of others
2) not to be confused with cruel, some one who is cruel is mean for the sake of being mean a sadist (sadistic person) is someone who is mean for the sake of enjoyment
On a bad day (actually almost everyday) joni is a sadistic witch. (and she is damn proud of that fact)


I am a sadist don't tell me about your problems they only make me laugh harder.
by Fallenangel2126 March 25, 2007
1) adj.a person whoes ideas are misunderstood or understood and disaprroved of (or a word to discribe such a person)
2) noun. joni
3)adj. a person (or word to discribe such person) that does thing veiwed as cruel and or bad
umm "that evil biotch stole my boyfriend"
by Fallenangel2126 March 25, 2007