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Dvd is a street name for pills often used in phone conversations (and other insecure situations).
*Over the phone*

User: Hey man can I get 20 copies of that new dvd?
Dealer: Sure.
by Falkinor November 25, 2006
When another man stops another from having relations with a female.
Man 1 : Get out, I'm trying to poon this chick!

Man 2 : No I don't have to get out of here because you want me to.
by Falkinor May 01, 2005
(Pronounced two-five)

Used primarily with selling of weed, when buying a stick (flat rate of 25AUD) is called a 25.

Also comes in a 50 (pronounced five-o).

Definition only good for Australia.
Buyer: Can I pick up that 25?
Dealer: Meet you at Thomas Park at 9pm.
by Falkinor November 27, 2006
A slang word that means to shoot or fire apon another human being with a fire arm. Usually associated with blacks rather than whites due to stereotypes.
I was cappin this mofo out in the hood.
by Falkinor December 15, 2004

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