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Usually located at the end of correspondence, the Sigra is a relatively small -- and usually witty -- bit of text following one's name, much in the style of a traditional signature.

Individuals should make sure they hold a firm and stylish command of the English language before using a sigra. If you cannot match the awesomeness described in its origins below, you are not fit to wield a sigra of your own.

The Sigra's origins lie with Zigra, a troll shaman from the RP-PvP realm Emerald Dream. On that glorious realm's forums, Zigra would append what would be later dubbed "the sigra" at the end of some posts. His grace with words would amuse and entertain the entire forum-going community. Thus, the sigra was soon adopted by others and in other forms of digital correspondence such as email, other internet forums, and social networks.

Roleplaying PvPers proudly hold this trend over other inferior realms and forums in the entire World of Warcraft playerbase, as one of many traditions and community niches found in Emerald Dream.
the tusked creator of this trend

this line is italicized and relevant

Your Name
the sigra is to your post as a punchline is to an entertaining party story

by Faleav December 01, 2010
A male or group of males that is known to target a group of females for sexual activity.
Last night in Vegas, there were so many chicks in the line that any horde hunter would have more than enough to do until the end of time!
by faleav November 21, 2009

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