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5 definitions by Faggalicious 2

Slang for an insult which indicates said person has a paper thin penis, causing a sharp whistling noise as they walk by.
That sounded terrible, austin needs to tune that dick whistle to a b flat
by Faggalicious 2 January 18, 2011
Kinky sex position wrapping your penis up in a blintz and serving with sugar and syrup for the best blow job of your life.
After Suzie gave my that terrific blow job blintz, we haven't spoken to each other very much
by Faggalicious 2 January 13, 2011
Montana sex position of a reverse cowgirl whilst growling like a grizzly bear in your partner's ear, and giving them a wet willy.
May was being a total slut, so i gave her a Montana tune-up to show her whose boss.
by Faggalicious 2 January 18, 2011
A kinky sex position in which the participants wear grass skirts and play ukuleles whilst tying the recipient onto a cooking rotary and slowly rotating him or her and stimulating them from the front and back on each side with their penises or sex toys. Meanwhile, another participant may spread poi and many seasonings on the tied up participant and reciting ancient Hawaiian prayers.
Carl: That was definitely the best Las Vegas Luau I have ever had

Willey: Yeah I still have poi stuck in my anus
by Faggalicious 2 July 20, 2011
The sexual act of spreading your load on your partner's asshole like shaving cream, then tying a razor to your dick and shaving your partner's asshole with your dick razor, and clean out the mess with your mouth.
Jake: Hey bitch, how did you like that old fashioned rimjob?

Maria: I think you need to try again, my ass is itching like crazy.
by Faggalicious 2 February 26, 2011