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2 definitions by Faderjockey

Being forcibly ejected from a theatre, concert hall, or arena for taking photos or video during a performance.

The term comes from an incident on 10 January 2008 when Patti LuPone stopped the performance of "Gypsy" to scold an audience member, then proceeded to have him removed from the theatre.
USHER: "Sir, I'm sorry but photography is not allowed in this theatre."
D-BAG: {click}
USHER: "Ok, sir, I'm sorry, but you are going to have to leave... now."
D-BAG'S FRIEND: "Dude, you just got Patti LuPwned!"
by Faderjockey January 25, 2009
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Just Another Fucking Blog -- This appellation is applied, derisively, to a blog that may seem over the top, pretentious, or just plain unrealistic in its perceived scope.
Man, my roommate thinks he's going to change the world with his "new media outlet." Dosn't he realize that its JAFB?
by Faderjockey September 08, 2008
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