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Rock On The Range, an annual rock festival featuring some oft the most popular bands in hard rock, alternative rock, and metal. There are so far 2 venues - Columbus, Ohio (first debut in May 2007) and Winnipeg, Manitoba (first debut in June 2009)
"Hey didn't that noob go to ROTR last year?"
"What's ROTR?"
"Rock on the range..."
"Oh!!! Yea I went to ROTR, and same with that noob apparently it was their first concert."
"Which one did they go to?"
"The Winnipeg one."
"Isn't Danko Jones playing this year for the 2010 one?"
by Faceless Intent April 26, 2010
something insanely sexy beautiful and awesome - also rare.
Guy: You're a turbosexaphonic
Girl: a whaaa?
Guy: something insanely sexy beautiful and awesome also rare.
by Faceless Intent April 15, 2010
Nynosaur (ny-noh-sore) - A cute way for a person to say dinosaur. Often recognized as baby/todler talk. For some people, it's a nickname for someone who is older than them - can also be used as a sort of pet name too. The shorter version of Nynosaur would be Nyno.
"Ooo look at that nynosaur! I WANT IT!!!"


"Frank really likes Nynosaurs... ^^ refer to Frank Iero hugging dinosaur pic
Nynosaurs are very ooooooold. XD "

"You better be a nynosaur that squeaks. -.-;; "
"like a squeaky toy, or one of those creepy old nynosaur toys from the past that made weird noises that was kinda squeaky?"
" -.-;; kinda like kon from bleach that squeaks every time it gets squeezed or steps foot on the ground. ^^ "
"I can do that"
by Faceless Intent April 26, 2010
Oohlala = the expression of surprise
ness = often refer to a state or quality.

Oohlalaness describes a person who has that sense of oohlala when you look at them and/or compare them to other people if they make you go oohlala with the sort of stuff they do or think about them when they never seize to amaze you.
Guy: yuck in general or yuck in comparisson to moi?
Girl: yuck compared to your ooolalaness oohlalaness.
Guy: nice word. :D

Girl: ^^

Girl: but that's what you have!
Guy: oooolalaness?
Girl: yea.
Guy: ◕ ‿ ◕
by Faceless Intent June 26, 2010
Another word for happy but pronounced heh-peh or hep-peh.

The word happy according to online sources means:
Enjoying, showing, or marked by pleasure, satisfaction, or joy.

You can also define something as heppeh if it looks like you would like to give it a cookie, a hug, cute, or would like to be its friend.
Heppeh - cute way/observation:
"That bearded dragon looks heppeh I want to touch it's prickly belly!"
"Rayquaza looks heppeh, I want to give it a cookie."
"Happy from Fairy Tail looks heppeh."
"Awwwwe, kitty looks heppeh."
"Heppeh baby." n_n

Heppeh - feeling:
Girl: *says something nice to guy*
Guy:"You make me feel heppeh." ^_^
by Faceless Intent December 02, 2010

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