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2 definitions by Fabulous-ness

A woman who is young and pretty but has more then good looks she also has a very very colorful vocabulary. tends to stick to simple low-key jobs such as teacher, secratary or dancer.
be warned do not be fooled she is a VERY VERY "mickee" like person
I heard that samantha is a very cambra person
by Fabulous-ness March 12, 2008
5 2
a person who is continual cross between many, if not all things. a paradox the impossible, really really weird. such as:

blunt yet polite
big yet small
nice yet mean
boy yet girl
She is such a total mickee, yesterday she called me fat and today she was like my bff

everyone knows that when a mickee walks into the mall the first thing they do is gasp at the beauty and then say "see ya"
by Fabulous-ness March 12, 2008
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