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It's de capital city of Chaco, a North state of the bes country. Argentina.
Resistencia is a beatiful place with hot girls who made the best "Petes" of the world.
Petes are BlowJobs!!!
Resistencia has great meat!!
by Fabricio October 15, 2004
Increíble comedia industria Argentina con una de las parejas actorales más graciosas que presentó el cine nacional: Emilio Disi y Guillermo Franchella.
Gorda Lechona...
Nooo, Gorda Leona!!
by Fabricio October 18, 2004
The best Simpsons Comunity in the internet.
All the forists are Great friends.
The girls there are very hot: Ayudante, Jaina, Vicu and Atenea.
The leader of ZonaSimpson is a guy who travell for all the world. Now he is in Spain... or EEUU... or Afganistan. He has a lot of money and womans.
Muere Kubanito!!! Muere!!!
by Fabricio October 16, 2004
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