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An Ivy League university located in Philadelphia for either smart OR rich kids. Way Better than Princeton.
Often confused with Penn State.
Normal Person: So you go to Penn? Too bad about those Nittany Lions...
Penn Student: *sigh*
by Fabio November 10, 2004
The guy who wears pooka shell necklaces, has frosted tips, goes to tanning salons, and believes that he is God's gift to women. He usually ends up being gay.
I hate that stupid choch...
by Fabio November 10, 2004
Of or resembling a negroe, or the actions of a negroe.
Gregg: Did you see Cory? He's wearing FuBu and drinking a 40 ounze.
Bob: Yeah, that's quite niggeresque.
by fabio January 26, 2005
A ugoogalizer is someone who speaks at funerals ...well.
Boy this minister is a good ugoogalizer i'm glad i hired him!
by Fabio April 14, 2005
A mans penis when fully erect.

Also known as a Rusty Love Stick for Red Heads
Stevey P: Eat my Rusty Love Stick

Holly: Oh yeah thats rusty.. Gobble Gobble
by Fabio September 30, 2004
The skills you need to preform certain acts or tasks in your everyday life. If you dont have them then you avent got any life skills and you cant give Cathy one.
"Oh what am I gonna do with my life skills!" - Stevey P
by Fabio July 04, 2005
A mans love goo, baby oil, cum...
Stevey P: That girl make me sausage wee in my pants
by Fabio September 23, 2004

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