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Feminists, mostly women, who think that gender equality means inverting the playing field, instead of evening it out, and creating an equilibrium between the members of both genders.
(Hence the term "gender equality".)

They like to victimize men, while playing the victims, creating a violently swirling paradox to keep propagating the same bullshit, under the false guise that any man that speaks out, is immediately labeled sexist.
Dumb bitch: Women are just as strong as men!
Me: Actually, we are genetically predisposed to being physically "built" stronger than most.
Me: Actually if you would have taken a second to think, you would have realized that is a compliment, to some. If a woman is stronger than a man, that means she has worked harder on it than a man did, making her mentally and physically stronger than a man with the same amount of muscles as her!
Dumb bitch: Don't try to backtrack pig!!! SHIT!!! *Starts clawing at my eyes*
Me: I punch her in the face, and keep punching and kicking until she cuts the bullshit.
*3 days later on Jimmy Kimmel*
We have video footage of a man hitting a woman!


Dumb news bitch: Why would you hit a woman?
Me: It was self defense.
Dumb news bitch: OH, so you think that she was a threat to you?
Me: She was 200 pounds, built like an ox, and could have ripped my head off, I'm pretty sure she was a fucking threat, dumbass. Even if she was 120 pounds, she was clawing at my eyes, which I value, since I'm one of the few that like to actually use them. It's self defense regardless of genitalia, and you fucking feminazi hypocrites should be thanking me for giving her the same treatment as any other male that started attacking me.
Bill O Reilly: Cut his mic!
Me: ._." *joins al queda*
by FUCK THE GODDAMN WORLD September 02, 2010

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