11 definitions by FUCK FACE

the greatest cs player that ever lived
by FUCK FACE April 08, 2003
A man takes a broomstick and shoves into a girl's asshole, takes it out shoves the broomstick back into his asshole, then eats the contents on the broomstick.
Did you see him brown broomstick our teacher?
by Fuck Face October 16, 2003
A load of cum is put into a freshly baked apple pie and eaten as dessert.
Kids, save room for your freshly baked cum pie!
by Fuck Face October 16, 2003
When a man is masturbating and his sexual partner insterts a dildo in his rectum, so he cums as a dildo is in his ass. Therefore causing him to shake.
Man, I really do love shakers!
by Fuck Face October 16, 2003

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