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1. A melodramatic group of legal "adults" (The term "adults" is applied loosely) with a pedophile for a lead whiner who, three gold albums and a couple million dollars later, are still trying to pass their lives off as harsh and uncaring. Utilizing events that supposedly happened ten years ago (in the upper middle class suburbs while being popular football and baseball jocks and being elected prom king) that "real" people, as they want to pass themselves off as "real", would have gotten over by now. "Composing" (Another term applied loosely) "songs" (The last loosely applied term) about relationships with the opposite sex that never happened, but it's always fun to bitch about how you don't get women when fourteen year old cheerleaders wet themselves everytime they type "o,MaH,gAwD,i,WuD,hAv,JoElZ,bAbI,gUd,ShArLoTe,RoX,pUnXz,WtFoMGlOlRoFlMaO1!1!" in their myspace and, sadly enough, would given the opportunity.

2. A group that uses their Dad as an excuse for making shitty music.
1. "I was never popular,
Unless you count being on the baseball team,
and being elected prom king,
Live sucked,
unless you count the fact that I lived in a well-to-do suburb,
Girls have cooties,
except the ones that laid me the other night,
it turns out that they just have VD."

2. The reason we suck so bad is because our dad left us to fend for ourselves, two years before we graduated.
by FTHECC August 22, 2005

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