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Middle-Aged Fat Man thats holds their genitalia for the World to see. Often associated with Musturkey
Student1: "Did you see that Musbear?"
Student2: "Yeah, feasting on Musturkey's wattle"
by FROFMASTER January 05, 2010
A frail bird, known by it's distinctive mating call "Gobble, Gobble", wanders the yards in the hope of a mate.

Seen lurking with the Musbear, the Musturkey will often turn on the innocent for prey
Student1: "Did you just hear the Musturkey?"
Student2: "No?"
Musturkey: "Gobble, Gobble.. GOBBLE"
Student2: "Ahh Yes, Now I do"
by FROFMASTER January 05, 2010

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