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Similar to {road rage}, this event occurs with rollerblades where one becomes very aggressive or ill-tempered at others, including cars, bikes, pedestrians, SUV-type baby carriages, other bladers, unleashed dogs, and children.
I had a serious case of blade rage when the damn taxi was closing in on my path.
by Frank June 17, 2003
The Antwanist bible well known for its great CRINGE!section and supreme crappyness
Oh the new mizz is out this week
Yes I enjoy the CRINGE! section
by Frank October 20, 2004
To wear too much makeup and comb ones afro simultaneously
Man, I love doing a Miss Baxter before bed
by Frank October 13, 2004
a) an abreviation for the term "big time huge."

b) a poor attempt at creating a phraze similar to BT for big time. the phraze BTH has caught on in popularity due to the immense amount of stupidity that it entales.
Yeeeeeeesssssss......that is BTH!
by Frank November 26, 2003
Awesome movie about a teenage kid who receives apocalyptic news from a 6 foot demonic rabbit
Cellar Door
by Frank August 10, 2003
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