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1 definition by FOB sucks

A sold out band that is ruining the young life scene.
fall out boy is key word for sold out faggets who have no talent!!
there manistream shit is sold out and sucks dick!!
i think all you people who listen to FOB need to do us all a favore and stop listening to this crappy music that is ruining ppls lifes!!

FOB needs to go shoot themselves in the faces and this will make all us non-posers happy!!

and i mean what do you know.. panic at the (fucking) disco sounds exactly like Fall out boy.. why is this.. oh yea cuz pete form FOB signed them.. and you know whats even worse panic! at the disco has never played a small show they never played any shows until they were big.. how stupid..
so face it posers FOB is sold out and dead..
please stop listening to them! thats all i ask
thank yo<3
Fall out boy Mainstream crappy music. ruining peoples lifes
by FOB sucks June 28, 2006
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