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real hip hop- bravo to this group, they push the envelope with extraordinary beats, controversial lyrics, and overall music that is deep and actually meaningfull.
If you aint feelin it, its because you listen to that booty shakin, bling bling bullshit, gangsta rap.... and basically you'd rather hear songs about how rich some studio gangster is, how many hoes he got, how much beef he got with everyone, how sik his ride is, and basically YOUR soooo envious of these rappers you'd probably suck their dick just to hang out wittem for 10 seconds!

Anticon music isnt just for the white, candy flippn hippies with the back packs, just like gangsta rap isnt only for blacks or hispanics, because every mexican I know owns a tupac album and not many of them are gangstas-

Anticon is different but what the fuck you guys complaining about, evolve and adapt, appreciate new styles. I hate radio play but I'm not one to hate on the club scene and that crowd just because I am not a fan of the music. Stop with the hatin', if there werent groups like Anticon then you and I would suffer from "lack of variety" and we would all listen to the same ole' shit-
Dee: What the fuck you listenin to?
Jayfilet: Some Jay Z-
Dee: Thats fuckin gay, put this Anticon on!
by FIDEUSnomosity September 12, 2006

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